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Seeking Health Outcomes

Through shaping and ensuring effective implementation of public policies

What is Aequitas

ÆQUITAS CONSULTING IS A MISSION ORIENTED ORGANISATION AND PLATFORM for professionals who work together across disciplines to see HEALTH as an outcome of public policies, and of their own work.
These professionals bring deep technical, implementation and communications expertise to support the formulation and implementation of public policies that lead to health as an outcome.
The core belief for the group is the World Health Organisation’s definition of health- as not being the mere absence of disease but the presence of complete physical, mental and social well being.
Stepping away from the traditional approaches of setting up a not-for-profit charity or even an academic institution, Æquitas founders have set it up as a regular company under the Companies Act of India, in the belief that the pursuit of health outcomes and human development need not be at odds with the responsibility of being a tax paying corporatecitizen.
ÆQUITAS CONSULTING seeks to generate sound ideas and strategies for the achievement of health, as much as it serves as springboard for its talented staff & consultants to incubate their own ideas for future endeavours.

What has ÆQUITAS done / what is it doing?

ÆQUITAS, in its relatively short history, has addressed itself to help shape the understanding of policy makers in India and elsewhere on the need to recalibrate the measurement of health, away from administrative inputs to understanding outcomes.
The Vital Statistics for Communities (pictured alongside) and its associated audio visual tools are a good example of shaping the approach towards formulating health outcome indicators that are Visible, Valuable and Measurable at the community.
Apart from focusing on the measurement of health outcomes, the team has been engaging development practitioners and policy makers to understand the linkages between agricultural supply chains with food processing and distribution mechanisms in the public and private sectors, and the concurrent specters of persistent malnutrition and stunting on the one hand and the rise of metabolic disorders on the other in India.
Building off the work done by the founding team of Æquitas in assessing the scale of Tuberculosis in India over the past decade, the team is now assisting the Ministry of Health to formulate national guidelines on the management of the disease as it occurs outside of the lungs. This renewed focus on Tuberculosis has implications on national expenditure on health, and biotechnology research & development in India. In a manner similar to the long-standing effort on Tuberculosis, the Æquitas team has also focused on getting a multi-sector, multi-stakeholder approach underway to address the problem of Viral Hepatitis in India. Understanding the influence mobility and socio-economic status of people have on disease dynamics, and the ramifications of Viral Hepatitis on the health sector, Æquitas has been able to bring specialty medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and marketing experts to work alongside the health administrators at the state, national and international levels to create a coordinated effort to address the disease.

Projects currently underway:

  • National Reporting of Birth weight: In partnership with the Rajasthan Assembly Standing Committee on Women & Child Development
  • Formulation of Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis Management Guidelines: In partnership with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
  • Gender Equality Project: In partnership with the Kerala Women’s Development Corporation, Government of Kerala
  • National assessment of stunting among Children using school enrolment data: Technical Partners: Institute for Genomics and Integrative Biology, CSIR
  • Assessment of India’s IPR Regime on Health outcomes: In partnership with Results Australia
  • Assuring of supply chain integrity for Nutrition Security in India: Round table process with corporate entities in India.
  • District Development Diversity Index: In partnership with the US India Policy Institute

This section will be updated shortly. Please visit us to soon to know more.

This section will be updated shortly. Please visit us to soon to know more.

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